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1New General Mathematics JSS2JB Channon et alLongman700
2Junior English Project for Sec. Sec. BK 2N.Grat et alLongman590
3Mothers choiceAgbo AreoBounty Press300
4The Virtuous WomanZaynabLongman270
5Incorruptible JudgeOlu OlagokeEvans Brothers200
6Longman Dictionary1600
7Nigeria Integrated Science Project JSS 2STAN700
8Nig. Sec. Sch. Social Studies Project 2CESAC420
9Certificate Art and Craft 2 for Junior Sec.Uzama OsagieOnibonoje
10Oedipus RexSophoeles
11The Wedlock of the GodsZulu SofolaEvans Brothers200
12Agricultural Science for J.SS 2STANLongman400
13Junior Secondary Agriculture for J.S.S 2S.O Olaitan et al400
15Christian Reli. Edu. & Moral Instruction BK 2T.N.O QuaroopomeAfican Uni. Press400
16Introduction to Physical Education 2Uche H Ikeonu300
17Introductory Tech. for Schools & Colleges BK2Elekwa et alEvans Brothers575
18Home Economics for Secondary 2D.O OseniLongman400
19Book-Keeping for Junior Sec.SchoolO.A.U
20Nouvel Horizon (Reading BK 2)Prof. AjiboyeBounty Press440
21Nouvel Horizon (Work. Book 2)Prof. AjiboyeBounty Press220
22ONYVA [Reading & Workbook] 2CatherineSpectrum Book650
23Yoruba Dun un so BK2 ( L2)Karbin BarberNew Horn
24Taiwo & Kehinde BK2 ( L2)FatokunUniversity Press360
25A Dictionary of the Yoruba LanguageU.P .PUniversity Press660
26Basic Intromation Technology for JSS2Folake AdeniyiBostar Computer